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Meet The Inventor: Dr. Bonlie

Dean Bonlie, DDS, graduated in dentistry from Loma Linda University over 40 yrs ago and immediately headed north into the wilds of northern British Columbia to practice dentistry  . Eventually, after several years of dentistry, he founded a successful logging company… and later a highly profitable pulp mill.  However, his fortunes and interest took a twist back into the field of medicine being pulled magnetically into research in Calgary where he developed Magnetico, Inc., for the purpose of evaluating the effect of electro-magnetic fields on the electrical circuitry of the body and healing of diseases.  This again was very successful with his expertise in electrical engineering, molecular physics, and his theories regarding the effect of the
electro-magnetic field of the earth on the body.  Magnetico mattresses have proven highly effective in enhancing athletic performance and in relief of symptoms of various illnesses.  His most powerful mattresses have a strength of approximately 20 Gauss (forty times the strength of the earth’s EMF).  In the 1990’s Dr Bonlie found that an even higher strength natural
EMF (5000 Gauss) had a more profound beneficial effect on body’s ability to speed-up healing, eliminate toxic metals, and even stimulate stem cells naturally formed within the body.  Since 1999, Dr. Bonle under FDA guidelines has sponsored the opening of eight AMRI clinics in Canada and the USA for research specializing in the treatment of neurological,
cardiovascular, and orthopedic conditions, as well as pain control. 

Dr. Bonlie is President of the North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy Association.  He lectures and teaches courses at numerous alternative medical conferences throughout the USA.  
Regarding magnetic healing, Dr. Bonlie states:  Science has established beyond all doubt that all living cells are electromagnetic by nature. 
there are only two natural sources of magnetism available to you: Your brain and the Earth.  The astrocyte cells have the capacity to generate electricity and they compose 80% of your total brain cells.  They generate a pulsed, electromagnetic field with efficiency.  The earth is our other
source of magnetism and it provides a supportive steady-state magnetic field, which your body draws on to enhance molecular reactions.  They work together to accomplish magnetic resonance, dramatically enhancing the chemical reactions of the body.



The greatest achievement is that MME technology is drug free.

— Joseph McCready M.D.
clinic Chief Investigator

Science has established beyond
all doubt that all living cells are electromagnetic by nature...

— dean bonlie d.d.s.
MME Inventor


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